Canvas 8

(Description credit: PxlsFiddle)

The 8th canvas was the second canvas to start out with a shape, this time in the form of an orange fox. A few stray pixels were missed in the top of the canvas, making those placeable as well. It introduced 4 new colors: a deep grey (between mid and dark), a darker beige/peach, a darker green, and a darker brown. The purple color was also changed to be a warmer tone. Last but not least, with this canvas also came the much-requested pixel stack, allowing infrequent players to place multiple pixels with no cooldown between them. The pixel stack slowly builds over time (up to 6 pixels), taking progressively longer to get a greater stack; it's always faster to place pixels immediately than waiting for a stack.

Conflict was once again fairly low, although Green Lattice - now mostly new members - overstepped their bounds and were pushed back from perceived ill-gained territory.


Normal; 1 frame every 5 minutes:

c8_timelapse_normal.mp4 - 48.7 MB

Load - 48.7 MB

Activity; 1 frame every 5 minutes:

c8_timelapse_activity.mp4 - 22.7 MB

Load - 22.7 MB

Virgin; 1 frame every 5 minutes:

c8_timelapse_virgin.mp4 - 56.8 MB

Load - 56.8 MB